Passion Fruit cocktail

I have had a bottle of passion fruit liqueur sat on what is now a heaving (in fact slightly bowing) shelf of spirits.  I got it originally for a cocktail I intended to make but never did.  As it is one of the few unopened bottles I thought no better time than a grey cold November evening to open this brightly coloured bottle full of exotic flavour!

Passionfruit Cocktail

Passion Fruit Cocktail

50ml Vodka
50ml freshly pressed apple juice
15ml Chambord
15ml Passion Fruit liqueur
½ fresh passion fruit

This is very easy to make.  Put all the liquid ingredients in a shaker with plenty of ice.  Shake.  Pour into glass.  Squeeze over the fresh passion fruit so you get those lovely seeds that give you a great crunch.  Sit back and think of a warm summers day (don’t use this year as your reference!)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  I’m nursing a poorly neck and have been told to lay off the digging…..I’m itching to prepare the ground for my raspberry canes and fruit bushes arriving in a couple of weeks time but it will have to wait.

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2 Responses to Passion Fruit cocktail

  1. Rose Holman says:

    That sounds delicious! I love passion fruit, so will have to give this a try. I should pop out now and get the ingredients, as it is Saturday, a good time to drink cocktails!

    • Alison says:

      Thank you! Friday night is definitely a popular night here. It has become my own little ritual to create a gorgeous drink, in a beautiful glass and sit back and enjoy…. I highly recommend it!

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