Go Garden Go!

It’s action stations here.  I’ve got a new business idea which involves my garden, all will be revealed in a couple of months.  I’m having to step it up a gear as work on my own plot is usually pretty slow. Everybody else’s comes before mine and then when I do get out in it I usually have two little ‘helpers’.  Who would have thought my ‘helpers’ could slow things down quiet so much but believe me they can!  But with new plans afoot and lighter nights ahead I will be taking any and every opportunity to get out there.

The weekend saw the start of two raised beds I’m making from some timber I’ve managed to get my hands on and I have just ordered my very first greenhouse! I have also planted two apple trees that I will be training into espaliers…. busy, busy, busy.

The apples I planted are ‘Ashmead’s Kernel’ and ‘Discovery’. There are so many varieties out there it was a difficult choice. ‘Ashmead’s Kernel’ is a very old variety, about 300 years old, and it originated from Gloucestershire which is not far from me.  It probably wouldn’t win any awards for looks being a rather small, dull russet but when it comes to flavour it wins hands down.  It sounds like it’s crop can be a little erratic but I’m willing to risk it. ‘Discovery’ on the other hand will be far more reliable, providing me with an early crop of lovely red fruit that we’ll be eating straight from the tree in August.

I ordered maiden trees as I want to train them into espalier forms. This meant I’ve ruthlessly chopped my lovely new tall trees down to about 30cm!

Ashmead's Kernel

This drastic pruning will allow me to train the top three shoots, two will be trained horizontally and the central one vertically. Then that vertical shoot will be pruned down allowing the same process to occur and the next tier to be formed and so on until it is the height I want. Watch this space in around 5-6 years it should be looking pretty good, don’t worry I’m a patient gardener!

I’ll try and keep you up to date with progress over the coming weeks if I have a minute to spare. Happy Gardening!

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2 Responses to Go Garden Go!

  1. Mandy says:

    Lovely blog :-) We’ve been thinking about espaliers, so I’ll be really interested in seeing how they grow x

    • Alison says:

      Hi Mandy, Thank you! Yes always loved the structure they provide even in the winter months, here’s to years of patience and training :-)

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